3 Business Lessons Learned from the Duke/Notre Dame B-Ball Game

  1. Defense Matters…Duke scored 91 points and still lost the game! You have to be able to play both sides of the game. In business, we spend a lot of time working to increase sales/revenue but if equal attention isn’t paid to keeping expenses in check, all that new money is never turned into profit.
  2. Mistakes Happen. Learn From Them….In the second half, Notre Dame adjusted their offense and began playing a very effective “give and go” offense. Duke’s man to man defense collapsed on the penetrating ball handler, leaving someone open for the pass and easy basket. Duke was never able to adjust. Sales strategies may not always work the same with each customer. Recognizing that the pitch missed it’s mark is an opportunity to learn why and adjust the strategy, increasing the opportunity for success the next time.
  3. The Move Only Matters if you Actually Execute…Duke Freshman Luke Kennard had an ankle breaking move that put the ND defender on the floor, giving him a wide open 3 point shot…which he then drained! Identifying the right business strategy is only as effective as your ability to actually execute on those strategies. Nailing the execution matters. Just ask Luke…http://www.scout.com/college/duke/story/1633177-watch-luke-kennard-breaking-ankles