Just Chill! These Millennials Really Don’t Want Your Job #CaseySays

The latest Pew Research Data says it’s official. There are officially more Millennials in the workforce than Baby Boomers. And I can tell you, that this will FREAK OUT most of my Baby Boomer friends. They are convinced that this generation has little respect for the hard work and dedication it took to climb to the positions that they now hold and that millennials have little regard for their experience or opinions, believing instead that their experience and opinions are much more relevant and certainly waaaaay more likely to be successful quicker. So now my generation of Baby Boomers, many of which have raised this generation of millennials, now fear that this next generation of millennials will overtake them in number and TAKE THEIR JOB, not to mention their overall way of life.


Whoa Nelly! That’s Boomer speak for ‘wait a minute’ for you millennials; you really do need to Chillax (that’s Millennial speak for Just Chill) because they don’t want your job. Why? Partly because most of our Boomer jobs aren’t even going to exist in the next 10 years but mostly because they just aren’t cool. Cool is a really big thing to millennials. What they do, where they work, what they eat, where they live, their music, their clothes, their backpacks for God’s sake have to be cool. And honestly, a lot of their stuff is totally cool. You would even admit it if you weren’t so afraid of them.

So really, if you insist on continuing to dislike them, do it for the right reason which of course is because they’re young and we’re not. And turn your job fear about losing your job to where it really belongs….robots, artificial intelligence and drones.