Top 5 Reasons Boomers Should Embrace the Millennial Coolness

The latest Pew Research Data says its official. There are officially more Millennials in the workforce than Baby Boomers. And I can tell you, that this will FREAK OUT most of my Baby Boomer friends. To my fellow Boomers I say embrace the coolness…maybe these millennials aren’t so bad. Here are 5 cool things we can adopt from Millennials.

  1. Knit hats…those floppy knit hats that they all wear ALL the TIME…really are warm and comfy. Millennials have no idea I’m just using mine to keep my hair straight and not frizzing. They just think I’m cool!
  2. Ear phones…I love putting my ear phones on and listening to music and ignoring the rest of the world. Millennials have no idea I’m listening to Moon River and Elvis Presley! They just think I’m cool!
  3. Skinny jeans…did you know they make them in plus sizes? You can wear any kind of shoe, heel or boot with them unlike other jeans. Millennials have no idea that they aren’t buttoned because my large sweater hides that leaving me plenty of room for expansion during the day. They just think I’m cool.
  4. Cellphone addiction…this is the perfect excuse to use your cell phone for those senior mind games they now have that can help train your memory so you don’t forget where you left your car keys…Millennials have no idea I’m not on The Gram, Snapchatting or Spotifying. They just think I’m cool!
  5. Beer and Pizza…these guys just love their beer and pizza…so do I…I am cool!!!