Turning 60 and #FindingNext

Turning 60 is not always easy. And if you are a female, it is complicated by the hormonal nightmare called post-menopause and if you’re a guy, well…enough said…you’re a guy. So I’ve decided that in the absence of any real conversation about how to manage this troubling time in your life, that it was up to me to help provide relevant advice and tips for those looking for the answers to what exactly “growing old gracefully” means. Each Friday, I’ll post a #FindingNext Advice Tip…

Today’s Advice for you…there really is no such thing as “growing old gracefully”…so do it your way! Use the iTunes app on your iphone and download 6 songs…3 of your favorite and 3 you’ve never heard before. Plug in your earbuds and dance instead of walking your two miles tomorrow.

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