As the lead on the Durham recruitment of Moogfest to Durham North Carolina there was no one better suited than Casey to assist Moogfest in transitioning to its new home. Casey’s Company has been retained to oversee the regional sponsorship efforts, introduce and connect staff to Durham, assist in permitting and venue issues, and leverage the event’s worldwide brand on behalf of Durham and specifically Durham’s entrepreneurial community. The 2016 inaugural year saw over 300 presenters and performers in downtown Durham throughout 25 venues over a four day period. Over 200 credentialed media outlets attended resulting in over 350 published articles and over 1.3billion impressions.


Casey says:

“Moogfest’s recruitment to Durham was always an intentional economic development strategy aimed at linking Moogfest’s cool, unique, experimental brand to Durham’s authentic, diverse, innovation brand as a means to engage and recruit creative talent to Durham, where they could live, work, learn and play year round.”